Square Root

Square Root make innovative soft drinks that have had as much effort put in to making them as quality alcoholic drinks.

Ed and Robyn started Square Root in 2012 from their home kitchen with this aim in mind, and, quickly blown away by growing demand, they launched the Square Root Soda Works in Hackney, East London. After juicing, zesting, peeling and steeping great natural flavour into tasty soft drinks, this busy production space is where the first bottles of Square Root Soda went out into the world.

The Square Root Soda Works now stands in nearby Leyton Industrial Village, with a team of skilled Soda Jerks (technical term!) working hard for the love of fruit, using bespoke machinery required for their unique production process.

Finding a big new home perfect for honing into a customised drinks production, packing and distribution facility was essential for Square Root. They have the space they need to keep experimenting, creating and producing award-winning, delicious Soda Made Right.

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Posted on September 18, 2019

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