Brixton Brewery

Brixton Brewery is one of London’s established craft breweries, making beer in the heart of one of London’s most colourful and famous neighbourhoods and founded in 2013 by two local couples.

The beer is hand crafted in small batches and Brixton Brewery draw on traditional techniques, flavours and ingredients, with a dash of bold New World flair for distinctiveness. They look to America and Europe for inspiration but are rooted in their very British appreciation of ale.

To quote Brixton Brewery on their Dylan Road units: “These days industrial space in central London is the rarest of commodities. To expand, most businesses are forced to move production to the outskirts. For us this was unthinkable and having missed out on a unit up Brixton Hill earlier in the year, we couldn’t believe our luck when we found the perfect, albeit much larger space just six hundred metres from our current brewery.”

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Filled in Our Tenants

Posted on April 11, 2019

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