About Capital Industrial

Capital Industrial is a commercial real estate company focused entirely on the ownership, leasing and management of light industrial and studio properties in Greater London. With over 1,250 lettable spaces to choose from, containing approximately 3.4 million sq ft of area, we are currently the largest owner by number of industrial units in the capital. Our properties are spread widely across London – west, east, south and north – and more than 2 million sq ft is located within a 10-mile radius of Buckingham Palace. We are constantly seeking opportunities to add to our portfolio.

Most of our units are on the small side, ranging from 100 to 3,000 sq ft, and house the types of companies that are the life-blood of London’s homes and businesses – light manufacturers, carpenters, builders of sets for television programming and West End plays, micro-brewers, party planners, music studios, food preparers and caterers, specialized grocers, distributers of imported linens, woolens and china, building contractors, sculptors, artists, plumbers and electricians. We also offer larger units containing up to 60,000 sq ft of area, suitable for logistics, storage and distribution use, as well as larger manufacturing and food preparation operations.

There are several benefits to renting from us;

Dedicated team and communication. We have a committed team of asset managers looking after each property who you’ll see on a regular basis.  You will have a single point of contact who will build and maintain a close relationship with you.

Longevity; we’re not going anywhere. We’re not interested in selling our properties or changing the use to something different. You can rest assured that your business will have a secure base.

Flexible lease terms. We offer flexible lease terms to suit your needs.

Your perfect space today and tomorrow. You’ll become part of a large and growing family. With a range of units to choose from, we’ll help you find the best business space for you. In addition, as your requirements change, we’ll be able to offer you different accommodation elsewhere in our portfolio that may better suit your changing needs.

Artistic and creative tenants: We offer an array of studio space for London’s artists and creative companies, building communities of like-minded tenants where all can flourish.

Presentable estates. We take pride in maintaining our estates and keep them looking fresh, clean and tidy. We are constantly investing to improve our buildings and yards.

Customise your space. You can tailor the space that you rent to your personal taste. All we ask is that if you leave, you return the space to the same or better condition it was in when you signed up.

Simple sign-up. Our short and easy to read leases and dedicated asset managers make signing up easy and painless.

Location. All our estates are situated within the M25 motorway, near to London’s major roads, rail and tube stations. Most of our properties in fact are in London Underground Zones 1, 2 and 3.


We are passionate about providing dedicated space for artists, hobbyists and craft-lovers. We have various studios to let in London, including locations in Bermondsey and Acton.

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